90-Day Treatment Program

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Why Choose a 90-Day Treatment Program

Benefits Of A 90-Day Treatment Program 

Are you or a loved one suffering from moderate to severe addiction? Looking for a treatment program that can help? A 90-day program is perfect for individuals who have been struggling with substance abuse and have not been able to get and stay clean. If you or a loved one’s addiction is continuing to get worse now is the time to get help. The first step is admitting that help is needed and taking the actions to get help. So why choose a 90-day treatment program? Firstly, shorter treatments may not work for those with more severe addiction issues. There may not be enough time to fully detox and recover in a short-term treatment program. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, patients that go to a 90-day or longer treatment program have a higher chance of fully recovering. The longer treatment programs can have a big impact on patients. Especially those that have had a long and hard history with substance abuse. 

It is important to note that every patient is different. A 90-day treatment may be perfect for some and way too long for others. A patient needs to know what is important for them in order to recover in the best way possible. Otherwise, it is much easier to leave treatment and have a relapse. This type of treatment length is also best for those who want to have a bigger focus on aftercare in treatment. It can be difficult to return to day to day life following treatment. Many patients still need extra support to stay clean. Therefore, aftercare services are offered such as support groups. A 90-day program leaves plenty of time to focus on aftercare and transitioning back to normal life.

Effectiveness of a 90-day Treatment Program

A 90-day treatment program is very effective for those who struggle with moderate to severe addiction. The amount of time in treatment allows for long-lasting recovery. This is also the perfect treatment for those that have relapsed before. The length of the treatment program gives them time to transition from normal life to treatment. It can be a better fit for individuals who find it hard to be away from home. Sometimes a patient is coming from a negative environment and being in treatment allows them to escape that. In this case, a longer time in treatment is also more beneficial.

Going through treatment is a challenging experience. The 90-day treatment program allows for plenty of support and care. Patients are in a positive and supportive environment. There are dedicated professional staff members who make sure that patients are in good mental and physical health. There is plenty of support. The focus for 90 days is solely on recovery. There are no distractions. Patients can fully give their attention to their addiction and beat it once and for all. In a shorter program some patients may feel they haven’t had enough time to focus on recovery. However, with a longer treatment there is plenty of time and patients won’t feel rushed.

What Happens During Treatment

Many people who are substance abusers want to get the help they need. However, they may be a little nervous and not know what to expect from treatment. It can be scary to go into treatment. So what happens during a 90-day treatment program? A 90-day treatment program is a long process that can include an assessment, detox, treatment, and aftercare. Here’s a breakdown of what you or a loved one should expect.

Prior to beginning treatment, every patient will be assessed by a professional. This is a key part of treatment. During the assessment, the best path forward for a patient will be evaluated. This is based on an individual’s history with substance abuse. It is also based on the other challenges a patient may be facing. This could include domestic violence, sexual abuse, or an unsafe home environment overall. Depending on if it is necessary a patient will also start detox treatment. Recovery is best done with a body free of any substances. Detoxing allows for this to happen. The body is eliminated of any substances. Doing this around medical professionals allows detoxing to take place in a safe environment. Patients can be monitored for symptoms and receive help if the side effects of withdrawal become too much.

Once detox is complete therapy can begin. During this part of treatment, addicts become aware of their addiction pattern. They start to understand why they abuse substances. During therapy, they gain the tools needed to begin a sober life. The last part of treatment is the transition back to day to day life. Patients transition into programs that will help them remain sober long after treatment is complete.

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Aftercare is a supportive place where former addicts can go. This includes anything from alcoholics/narcotics anonymous to non-12-step support groups. The important part is that individuals can still get support while they continue on their life journey to remain sober. Although family and friends can be supportive, they may not understand what a former addict is going through. That is why having a support system outside of loved ones is so important. 

Taking the first step to getting help can be scary. Make sure you or a loved one knows what to expect. Have questions or concerns about treatment? Want to know more about what happens during treatment? Give us a call at 623-263-7371. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

After Treatment

So what happens once treatment is complete? The journey to recovery doesn’t end with treatment. Treatment can get patients clean and give them life-long tools. However, what happens after treatment is even more important. Recovery will only work if an individual chooses to stay sober in the real world. Following treatment, patients transition back into their day to day lives. However, if they feel they are not ready to do that they can always extend treatment. If a patient is ready to go back to their normal routine it is important they find aftercare.

Find the Right Treatment Center

How do you make sure that a treatment center is right for you? It is important to find the right fit when it comes to seeking treatment. The wrong program can delay recovery and waste money and time. Hence, there are a few things to look out for when seeking treatment. First off make sure you or a loved one knows what type of treatment program to look for. Is a longer or shorter program the right fit? Is inpatient or outpatient care better? Do you or a loved one want to seek treatment closer or further from home? These are all important things to consider.

Once that has been decided start looking into treatment centers that fit your preferences. When looking into a treatment center it is important to make sure the staff is professional. The therapists and doctors should be licensed. It is also important that the treatment methods they use are backed by science. These treatments should be shown to benefit people struggling with addiction. Lastly, it can be beneficial when a treatment center offers aftercare programs. Overall, choosing the correct center is a very personal decision. Have questions about treatment or centers? Give us a call at 623-263-7371!