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Bright Health Insurance 

Insurance Coverage

Bright Health insurance offers an HMO plan when it comes to insurance coverage. HMO stands for health maintenance organization. An HMO plan typically has lower monthly premiums. There is also less out-of-pocket costs when it comes to medical expenses. However, with an HMO plan, all healthcare services are coordinated through your primary care provider. All services must be within the HMO network, otherwise, there is no coverage. With the Bright Health insurance HMO plan, there are three tiers of coverage. There are Bronze, Silver, and Gold coverage packages. The higher tiers may have better coverage and lower deductibles, however, they may also have higher monthly premiums. There could be some deductibles, coinsurance, and/or copays however, the Bright Health insurance HMO plan should cover substance abuse treatment.


Whether one chooses an HMO plan or a PPO plan depends on the needs of the individual. HMO plans typically have lower monthly premiums while PPO plans tend to have higher ones. An HMO plan also tends to have less out-of-pocket costs. However, with a PPO plan, there tend to be more out-of-pocket costs. With an HMO plan patients have to see medical providers that are within the network to receive coverage. However, with a PPO plan, patients are able to see medical providers outside the network and still receive coverage. In some cases with a PPO plan patients may have to pay for medical services directly and then be reimbursed by insurance later on. This is in some cases when it comes to out-of-network providers.

Each patient should consider what will work for them when it comes to insurance needs. Some people value the flexibility of the PPO plan while others may value the low deductibles of an HMO plan. It is important to talk with an insurance provider prior to choosing a plan. They can assist with any questions or concerns and help you choose the best plan for you.

Medicare and Medicaid Options

While some patients may need traditional insurance to cover treatment, others may be able to receive coverage with Medicaid or Medicare. It is important to know if you qualify for either. However, if you or a loved one is already under Medicaid or Medicare it is important to know how treatment can be covered. Medicare and Medicaid are accepted by several centers in most major cities. Medicare does offer coverage for substance abuse treatment. In circumstances where treatment is reasonable and necessary patients are able to receive coverage. For Medicaid there is also coverage available for substance abuse treatment. This is also when treatment is reasonable and necessary. Arizona Medicaid covers substance abuse for adults who have drug and alcohol addiction issues. This includes coverage for outpatient and residential services.

Always check your insurance company’s website to make sure that a specific provider is covered by your plan. For more financial assistance there are many centers in Arizona that offer payment assistance and/or sliding scale fees. Coverage and financial issues should never keep an individual from seeking substance abuse help. If you or a loved one is having issues paying for treatment talk with your insurance provider or a treatment facility today.