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Addiction Treatment

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Recovering from Addiction Through Rehab 


It is not rare being filled with uneasy emotions when seeking addiction treatment for drugs or alcohol. Shame and guilt are two common emotions that overtake addicts in order to keep them in an endless cycle of abusing harmful substances. In some cases, people who suffer from addictions do not come forward to admit they need help because of the embarrassment they think they will have to go through. The idea that those close to them will only criticize them and not support them keep them in the grips of their addiction.  

What some of these people may not know is that help is available. There are rehab centers throughout Arizona that offer comprehensive rehab plans for those who struggle with substance or alcohol dependency. 

The most logical way to end an addiction is to go to rehab. But many addicts and alcoholics do not know where to begin or how to enroll in a program. If this is you, do not be discouraged you are not alone in this category. 

There are plenty of well researched and respected approaches used in rehab to treat addiction. Every addiction is shaped by different circumstances, so everyone will have different needs in rehab. There is no “one size fits all” method that works for everyone in treatment. Selecting a rehab center that offers personalized plans for each client is key. You will need to find a plan that meets all your needs to have the best chance of living the rest of your life in sobriety. 


Getting through rehab and achieving sobriety is not easy. It takes determination and effort, not only throughout the entire process but once treatment is complete as well. Choosing to give up drugs and alcohol takes courage and should make you feel proud. Rehab is not for everyone; it is only for those who are ready and willing to get back to living a happy and healthy life. 

In order to prepare for rehab, you will have to undergo a detoxification process. In detox, your body will clear itself of the harmful chemicals that have built up in your body. This is important because your body is probably having a hard time functioning due to drug use. Drugs and alcohol damage your body most notably your liver, skin, and eyesight. Detox will purge the toxins in your system and clear your head for you to begin the healing process. 

30-Day Rehab
60-Day Rehab
90-Day Rehab


If you decide to choose an inpatient program, it is strongly suggested that you travel for treatment. Traveling to another city or state can help you focus on your recovery by taking you away from the situations in life that caused you’re abusing the first place. When you remove yourself from a bad situation, you have a better chance of changing that situation. 

After detox, you will be ready to begin the therapeutic dimension of rehab. Choosing a rehab facility can be confusing and overwhelming. With so many choices, it hard to decide which one will work best for you. Any help is better than no help when it comes to addiction but meeting all your personal needs will be important. Choose a rehab facility that you feel will cover every aspect of your addiction. 

Traveling to a different city or state for rehab is suggested. Addiction is feed through bad habits, which continue the cycle of substance abuse. The people around you and the situations you are in can probably add to the reasons for you to use drugs and alcohol. Some addicts will find themselves in a co-dependent situation, so breaking away from your normal routines removes you from any negative influence. This can make it easier for you to stay focused on getting clean. Once you are away, you begin to realize that there is more to life than getting loaded. Staying in the same town for treatment can make you be susceptible to other addicts who are not ready for the same change. If you are in another setting, you have a better chance of sticking to the whole process.  


Individual therapy might be the most important. Meeting one-on-one with a professional therapist can lead to exploring past situations in your life that may have driven you to drink and do drugs in the first place. This can prove to be powerful information and If you can discover why you took to drugs and alcohol, you will be better equipped to avoid those same situations moving forward. During an addiction, your favorite substance to abuse is your number one priority, so you probably lost yourself from every point of view. You miss out on activities that you used to enjoy. A trained therapist can help you think of activities and ways to help keep you sober after your rehab program is finished. 

Participating in group therapy is also a rewarding experience. Modern rehab centers have found success in asking patients to attend group therapy. After rehab, it can be hard trying to find belonging in a social setting. Group therapy will allow you to relearn how to interact in a gathering. Most of the other people who attend have also been through rehab, so it will make it easier for you to open up to share. Sharing in a group will help improve your conversation skills. 


Sometimes, addiction stems from mental traumas that occurred earlier in life. A bad breakup, family difficultly or regret can lead to a substance abuse problem. Repairing the mental damages that addiction has caused is crucial in moving forward. Intense therapy sessions throughout rehab can help with that. There are so many varieties of therapy, that it betters your chances of finding a form of therapy that will help you. 


Your effort put into recovery after rehab may be the most significant element in living a sober life. Staying sober through rehab is hard at first, but you have the support of medical professionals and other addicts to help you. To stay sober in life after rehab, it will your responsibility. The key will be noticing triggers and situations that might lead you to relapse and avoiding them. In rehab, you are taught about how to do so. Rehab does not necessarily cure your addiction, but it does teach you how to harness it. Staying clear of situations involving drugs and alcohol is possible and can help you get back to a healthy life. 


There are rehab centers all across Arizona that offer addiction treatment plans to help you get back to living life on your terms and not your addiction’s terms. Your addiction has allowed you to drown for too long now, and we can help you find a live raft. It might not be easy, but it defiantly will be worth it. Admitting you have a problem is the hardest step, you can get over the toughest part in just five minutes. Pick up the phone and call (623) 263-7371 today.