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Mesa, AZ Treatment Programs 

Substance Abuse in Mesa, AZ

Mesa, Arizona is a suburb that is located around 20 miles east of Phoenix. It is in the east valley area of the Phoenix Metropolitan. The city itself has a population of around 518,012 people according to the 2019 Census Bureau. Mesa is an area that has a higher substance abuse issue than other parts of the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Many cities and states across the United States have a substance abuse issue going on. Treatment programs are being established to fight against these issues. 

Statistics of Substance Abuse

Here’s a breakdown of some of the substance abuse issues in the Mesa and greater Phoenix area. Arizona as a whole had these statistics in 2010 and 2011.

From 2010-2011 Arizona was one of the top ten states for rates of drug use
In 2010 the rate of drug-induced deaths in Arizona was higher than the U.S. national average

That means Arizona as a whole has a big issue when it comes to substance abuse. 9.52% of Arizona residents reported having used illicit drugs within the past month. That is almost a tenth of the entire population in Arizona. The national average was below this at only 8.82%. More Arizonans used illicit drugs other than marijuana in the past month than the national average. 3.36% of residents reported using illicit drugs other than marijuana while the national average was 3.33%. The rate of drug-induced deaths in Arizona was also much higher than the national average. In 2010, 1,141 people died in Arizona due to drug use. This was greater than those that died from firearms and car crashes that same year in Arizona. 

The issues related to substance abuse need to be addressed. It is important that cities and towns know what is going on with substance abuse in their area. Substance abuse can have a lot of negative impacts on a community.

Treatment Programs in Mesa, AZ

Mesa, Arizona is a great area to go for substance abuse treatment. The area offers a wide variety of treatment options to choose from. It is best to talk with an advisor to decide on what treatment program would be right for you or a loved one. Mesa offers hospital inpatient detox and treatment services in the area. This is the ideal situation for patients who need to detox under the safety of medical supervision. For those looking for more independence and a less intense treatment style, there are outpatient services available. There are several detox, intensive, and standard treatment services in the area. Residential treatment is perfect for those who need more care and supervision. These individuals stay at the treatment center for the duration of their program. There are several options for long-term residential services in the area. However, there is only one short-term residential program in the Mesa area. 

Looking for more tailored treatment programs? The Mesa area offers many opioid treatment programs. This includes prescription buprenorphine and administers naltrexone programs. This is best for patients who prefer to go somewhere that focuses on their specific issue. For those looking for sexual abuse and/or domestic abuse service, there are also many programs available.


However, some patients who come to treatment have a milder to a moderate addiction issue. They may have not been abusing substances for that like or their dependency level may not be as high. These individuals will do best in a less intense treatment program. Often outpatient or short-term treatment is best for these individuals. In either case, both patients are receiving high-quality care and treatment. Either way, both will gain the skills and tools necessary to stay sober. It all just depends on what works best for each individual. A treatment advisor can help you or a loved one decide on the best option. This is based on an assessment of an individual’s history with substance abuse as well as some other factors.

Treatment Options Further From Home

For those that would prefer to seek treatment out of town, there are many benefits to getting treatment further away. However, prior to choosing where to go for treatment, it is important to decide on what type of treatment works best for you or a loved one. There are a few options to choose from when it comes to treatment. Some patients who are coming to treatment have been struggling with addiction for years. Many may have even relapsed multiple times. The pull of their addiction is very difficult to resist. Often addiction has affected many areas of their lives such as relationships and job opportunities. In this case, long-term treatment is best. These individuals need time to detox and fully get into the routine of treatment. Inpatient care is also best for these patients as they need more care and support throughout their recovery journey.

The Right Treatment Center

Once the patient has decided on a treatment type, it is important to find a center that is the right fit. A key thing to decide is where to go to get treatment. Should a patient go further away from home or closer? There are benefits to both options. Once again it depends on the individual. Going away for treatment is best for those that are coming from a negative environment. Perhaps this environment encourages their addiction cycle. In this case, it is especially important to seek treatment further away in order to get out of the addiction cycle. Seeking treatment further away also gives patients a fresh start. At the center no one knows who the patient is and they are able to begin a new chapter in their lives. That way when they return home they will be ready to start over again. This time without the burden of addiction. While the patient is in treatment some loved ones may worry the patient will try to leave the program early. For those that go to outpatient treatments further away from home, this is a lot less likely. Patients are more likely to finish treatment in this case.

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Treatment Programs Near Home

Are you or a loved one seeking treatment in the Mesa, Arizona area? If this is where you or a loved one lives there are many benefits to seeking treatment in Mesa. Mesa has a variety of treatment centers and programs to choose from. Patients are sure to find the right fit for their needs. There are many benefits of seeking treatment near home. 

For one, being near home can be comforting for many patients. Treatment is often a scary and challenging experience at first. It can take time to adjust to the ways of the treatment center. Knowing that the support of family and friends is nearby can be comforting to many patients. For those that have a strong support system, it may be best to remain near home for the duration of treatment. This is especially true for patients who are doing outpatient treatment programs. These patients get treatment at the center a few times a week and then return home. Patients should be in an encouraging environment that supports their recovery. This can make the entire process of treatment a lot easier. Have questions or concerns about treatment? Give us a call at 623-263-7371